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Once Fired 5.56mm/.223 Rem. Brass Cases

Once Fired 5.56mm/.223 Rem. Brass Cases Qty. = 500 Head stamps are CBC, Wolf, LC, FC and others. This is good clean once fired brass with annealed case necks ready to be sized, de-primed and...

Salt Lake City Utah $30.00 Feb 1
bmdp kf-yuwen@kf-chem.com

BMDP, bmdp kf-yuwen@kf-chem.com   molecular formula: c17h17no3 hci appearance: powder and crystal application: for chemical research deliverytime: within 24hours ...

shijiazhuang California $0.00 Dec 6
private Hornady .338 Winchester Magnum Brass

Hornady .338 Winchester Magnum Brass  - New New in box of 50 caliber .338 Winchester Magnum brass cases by Hornady.   Best quality reloading brass cases out there. ...

Salt Lake City Utah $50.00 Oct 15
business high effect high purity powder 5f-mdmb-2

Email: judy@maiersen-chem.com   Skype: live:judy_5406   WhatsApp:+8613006349649   Web:www.maiersen-chem.com   Organization:hubei maiersen...

wuhan Colorado $0.00 Oct 7

Fired Brass for sale.  Various calibers and mixed headstamps.  Raw and straight from the range.  Good prices!  See our blog for prices. brassforsale.blogspot.com ...

Mesa Utah $0.00 Sep 7
private .338 Cal. Bullets Speer Hornady Sierra

.338 Caliber Bullets, Speer, Hornady, Sierra, Winchester New old stock bullets.  Mostly sealed boxes.  I no longer own a .338 Win. Mag. so putting these up for sale. ...

Salt Lake City Utah 400.00 Make Offer Feb 25
private Norma .308 Norma Magnum Brass - New

Norma .308 Norma Magnum Brass  - New New in box of 20 caliber .308 Norma Magnum brass cases by Norma.   Best quality brass cases you can buy.   Have 10 boxes...

- Utah $31.00 Feb 25